CORAT Therapeutics GmbH announces partnership with Dermapharm Holding SE

Jul 7, 2021

For the fast and efficient delivery of its innovative drug COR-101 against COVID-19, CORAT Therapeutics GmbH announces the partnership with Dermapharm Holding SE, a manufacturer of branded pharmaceuticals. With its own development, production facilities as well as distribution capabilities, Dermapharm Holding SE is a strong industrial partner for the further development of the SARS-CoV-2 antibody COR-101, which is currently in the clinical phase. The partnership is intended to accelerate clinical development and facilitate the expansion of COR-101 production to make the drug available to patients more quickly.

Currently, there is no approved, effective, antiviral-specific treatment for hospitalised patients with moderate to severe COVID-19 symptoms. While vaccines will remain the most important tool in fighting the pandemic, they will not be able to completely prevent the occurrence of severe cases of the disease. Therefore, this therapy is another tool that is needed. By acquiring the equity investment in CORAT we are not only providing the funds needed to accelerate the development process, but also our expertise in manufacturing antibody drugs.

Dr. Hans-Georg Feldmeier, CEO of Dermapharm Holding SE

Press release (PDF): englishgerman

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