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CORAT Therapeutics

was founded as a spin off of the recombinant antibody development company Yumab GmbH.

what we do

CORAT Therapeutics  has the goal to develop a passive vaccination immunotherapy against COVID-19 employing novel fully human monoclonal antibodies neutralizing SARS-CoV2. 

Our goal is to realize our vision of an immonotherapetic remedy for acute COVID-19 as fast as can be.  If succesful, our drug candidate may also be applied in a prophylactic scheme for the immediate protection of medical care personnel, impaired patients or risk groups. 

Towards our goals, a large set of more than 750 different fully human monoclonal antibodies recognizing SARS-CoV2 Spike (S) protein has already been isolated by antibody phage display from human antibody gene libraries obtained from healthy donors and convalescent COVID-19 patients. These antibody candidates currently undergo a fast track development process to identify lead molecules with the optimal drug features for a passive vaccine. Innovative and state of the art methods and our large network of scientific experts, supporters and competent contract companies work together to manufacture the drug candidate. We aim to achieve first-in-man studies in much shorter time than ever done before due to the current high burden of the disease, while keeping all necessary safety and quality requirements for medical use substances in accordance with the respective authorities. 

how CORAT antibodies protect against severe COVID19

Recombinant human virus-neutralizing antibodies are the active components of our immunotherapy concept (also named „passive vaccine“). Antibodies (immunogobulins, IgG) are molecules made by our own body to protect us against infections.

The CORAT antibody neutralizes SARS-CoV2 after injection and so provides protection in exactly the same way like the antibodies of our own body do once we generated them due to an infection or after a vaccination. The CORAT antibody stops the virus by inhibiting its capacity to enter our cells, so immediately protecting the patients until their own immune system had enough time to their own antibodies. CORAT Therapeutics‘ neutralizing antibodies are expected to be very well tolerated, because they are fully human proteins like the antibodies we have in our body every day anyway. Due to the long serum half time, the CORAT antibody could be given in an early and acute stage of SARS-CoV2 infection with immediate antiviral effect and long protection until the body has the time to produce enough of its own IgG.

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